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TRM Rehab is a full service contract rehabilitation company that develops and manages the services of skilled nursing facilities and hospitals. The goal is for our rehabilitation professionals to play an integral role in a facility's interdisciplinary team. Our staff is your rehabilitation department, providing support in facility operations and clinical meetings. As a part of the clinical and management team TRM Rehab actively participates in:

  • program development
  • resident screens
  • home evaluations
  • care planning
  • OT, PT, SLP therapy
  • family conferences
  • MDS process
  • survey preparation
  • CQI programs

We partner with your facility which means we not only share our staff to provide seamless services to your facility but we also share the risk in this ever changing healthcare environment.

Programs and services

TRM Rehab offers programs to more than 100 long-term facilities, rehabilitation hospitals, acute care hospitals, outpatient clinics, home settings and schools throughout New England.

Our employees are registered and certified rehabilitation professionals who provide a consistent level of service in individualized, outcome-driven clinical programs. We employ clinical supervisors with expertise in the delivery and the management of high quality rehabilitation services.

Specialty programs


Our staff members have the clinical expertise to assist in the development and marketing of these programs and services:

  • pulmonary
  • cardiac
  • orthopedic
  • wound and skin management
  • fall prevention and restraint
  • reduction
  • communication disorders
  • geriatrics
  • neurologic
  • pain management
  • dysphagia and swalloing disorders
  • cognition
  • seating and contracture management

Restorative nursing programs


Our staff provides the education and structure to implement an successful restorative nursing program. We work to effectively communicate with the nursing service in order to maximize the functional levels of residents.

Management services


Supported by our clinical supervisors and regional operations management, the TRM Rehabilitation Coordinator becomes our client's department lead and reports to our clients like any other facility manager, and assists in many aspects of our clients' day-to-day operations. They collaborate with our clients and provide them with a full consultation in the areas of reimbursement, case management and PPS management.

Innovative pricing / Cost-effective services


Therapy Resources Management was a pioneer in an innovative, risk-sharing approach to pricing rehabilitation services under the Prospective Payment System (PPS). We have several alternatives to pricing that have enabled our clients to operate successfully under the changing reimbursement of PPS.

Facilities of all sizes have realized that outsourcing their rehabilitation services to TRM Rehab is a logical, cost-effective approach. Because our clients pay only for direct time, there are no concerns about productivity and down time due to fluctuating census and case mix.

This cost-effective pricing and reputation for quality and integrity have made us one of the fastest growing rehabilitation providers in New England.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I have the same staff everyday?
    Yes, except for vacation coverage and spikes in census, you will have consistent staff that becomes part of your facility.
  • Do we pay for low productivity?
    No, you only pay for billable time. All indirect time activities are included at no extra charge.
  • What about the Manager's time?
    The cost of our Rehab Manager is included in our billable time calculations.
  • How do you do to integrate Therapy Resources Management personnel into our facility?
    We expect that the TRM name is transparent to your residents and families. We encourage our therapists to become part of your team, your mission.
  • How often do I see someone from your corporate staff?
    Our Regional Managers are available to you at your request. Additionally we can schedule monthly or quarterly operational review meetings with you and our corporate staff.
  • What if I get denied payments from Medicare?
    TRM indemnifies you from financial loss due to medical necessity denials. We do ask that you allow us to appeal all denials in your name until a final result is obtained from CMS.
  • Will your staff attend our meetings?
    It is typical that the Rehab Manager attends your Medicare meetings, patient/family conferences and discharge planning meetings. We often lead your restraint/falls meetings. We expect that the Rehab Manager be treated as any other department head in the facility.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.