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Gobal Provider Services


Global Provider Services (GPS) is the consulting division of Therapy Resources Management. In this changing Medicare environment, GPS can provide you with onsite training, documentation audits, financial management, preparation for denials, teach long term care programming and a host of additional services.

"We not only show you the problems, we bring you the solutions."

As a local therapist owned organization, we are able to anticipate our clients' needs, even before issues arise. We have the expertise of larger organizations in managing your rehab services to help you deliver quality care to your residents and to optimize your reimbursement. We are here to partner with you.

Gobal Provider Services offers:

  • Rehab services consultation
    • Optimization of outcomes
    • Length of stay management
    • Restorative care programs
    • In-house transition assistance
  • Operations analysis
    • Facility management
    • Program management
    • Analysis of policies
    • Quality improvement
    • Marketing
    • Risk management
    • Report packages
    • IT compliance consultation
    • Software billing
  • Financial management
    • Reimbursment optimization
    • Utilization management
    • Case management
    • MDS coding
    • Revenue stabilization
  • Documentation audits
    • Optimization of documentation
    • Accuracy
    • PPS management
    • ARD setting and RUG scores
    • Audit preparation
    • Full-service ADR management
    • Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) and Denial preparation and defense
  • Education and training
    • Up-to-date regulation changes
    • CMS compliance
    • PPS/MDS strategies
    • Long term care programming
    • Onsite training
    • Webinars
  • Recruitment of rehab staff
    • Analyze staffing needs
    • Type of service requirements
    • Skill level determination
    • Interview and preparation of candidates
    • Presentation to client

Consultation and Training


Global Provider Services offers consulting and training services for rehabilitation services to improve patient care.

Consultation and training includes:

  • Quality improvement programs
    • care plan attendance
    • implementation of effective therapy programs
    • maximal functional level achievement
    • rehabilitation meetings
  • Operational consultation
    • Initiation and training of policy procedures
    • Financial and operational report generation and analysis
    • Cost analysis of therapy in your facility vs. other facilities
    • Assistance with community awareness and marketing
    • In-house sustainable success
  • Management of staff therapists
    • improve care plans
    • development of new rehabilitation programs
    • therapist staffing mix
    • interdisciplinary treatment
    • optimize productivity rate
  • Denial and Audit management
    • RAC/MAC audits
    • Decreasing denial and exposure risks
    • Improve claims and appeals procedures



Global Provider Services provides solutions for Medicare, Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF), Long Term Care (LTC), optimizing quality care to your residents, revenue management and many more ...

Global Provider Services solution examples:

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