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Reema Prakash

Reema Prakash, SLP: Working with new therapists

I have been with TRM for 9 years as part of the clinical team, orienting and training SLPs with varying levels of experience. I cannot think of any other place where so much emphasis is placed on support and training for therapists, be it in form of periodic meetings, in-service sessions, easy access to Clinical and Corporate team or the CF mentoring program.

This fact was reinforced last week when I had conducted new SLP hire interviews. The candidates were amazed with the level of support offered at TRM and one of them had "a jaw-drop reaction on hearing that TRM productivity expectation was 75%" when other places were so much more demanding.

Clinical Fellowship supervision is a significant responsibility as these new therapists are finding their feet in the profession and are looking for guidance and direction. I am excited that all 3 candidates will be joining our team and we continue to move forward in the face of adversity.

I am proud to work with the TRM team of therapists who are so passionate about their profession and the work they do every day in the field.

Erin Gallant


Erin Gallant

A statement from Erin Gallant, OTR

"My name is Erin Gallant, and I have been with TRM since 2001. Twelve years later I can say that I have truly grown with my company. Over the years I have had several life changes. TRM has continuously met my needs and worked with me by accommodating my schedule. I began as a COTA with only 2 years' experience and I have advanced as a Rehabilitation Coordinator, managing 2 buildings."

"TRMs flexibility has allowed me to continue my dream of becoming an OTR. They have allowed me to take time off when needed, along with changing my work status to per diem in order to accommodate time needed for my school clinical fieldwork."

"For me TRM has always done "the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason" just as the mission statement of the company says. It is not something that is just said lightly, it is something that is adhered to by everyone from the corporate office to the field staff. Working here you are a part of a family and not just a corporation."

Victoria Gomez


Victoria Gomez

A spotlight on Victoria Gomez, COTA

Victoria Gomez has been with TRM since 2006 where she began her career at the corporate office in Fall River as an Office Assistant. Over the next five years she worked her way up in the corporate office. She did field chart audits, became the payroll assistant and eventually held a dual role as payroll and HR assistant. At the time she was climbing the corporate ranks she was also going to school to become a COTA! She began the COTA Program at BCC in 2010 while working full time at the Corporate Office. All this in addition to being a single mom to three active kids! In 2012, we lost Victoria in the corporate office but were thrilled to see her head out into the field to begin her COTA career at Sippican Healthcare Center. We miss her but we were able to catch up with her the other day to see how she is enjoying life in the field.

In talking with Victoria we asked her what made her want to do all this? Her response was simple:

"I wanted a career and to give myself and my kids a great future. TRM allowed me to do that! They gave me all the flexibility I needed to work, go to school, and be a mom. TRM is family focused. As Uma always says, "Family first!" I never had to worry that my job was at stake if I had to be late or leave early because of class or fieldwork. I have the same support if it was an issue with my kids. You don't see that at other companies. It's unheard of.

The support I received while going to school was amazing. My schedule was changed to accommodate my field work and class time. I knew that my job was secure. That feeling of security was immeasurable! It was both emotional and financial for me. I never once felt that I was in danger of losing my job which as a single mom is important because that's one less stressor to worry about. There was already enough to worry about between class and kids.

The experiences I received in the corporate office gave me the motivation to become a COTA. I knew I wanted more even as much as I loved being at corporate. When I spoke to Uma about my desires she said "Go for it! Whatever you need!". An invaluable opportunity was given to me and I took it! Every opportunity was given to me to succeed and fulfill my goals and I took it. I look forward to more growth within TRM. Hopefully into a management role one day and then, I can't believe I am saying this but I want to go to school to become an OT! I know when I choose to do this TRM will be flexible, supportive, encouraging, and for that I will always be grateful!"